Most games will begin at Career Level 1, with each character possessing 1,000 Experience Points (XP). Some advanced games will begin at Career Level 0, with each character possessing 0 XP. Level 0 games are intended to focus on initial training, without the benefit of classes or other character options outside Origin.

As your character completes missions, he gains XP, and each time his total XP equals or exceeds a given threshold, he gains 1 level and all its associated benefits, as shown on Table: Level-Dependent Benefits. The character may apply his new level to either his current class or another class, gaining all the benefits of the new level according to the class chosen.

A character may only gain levels in between missions (adventures ), and may not gain more than 1 level in between any two missions. If a character somehow earns enough XP to gain 2 levels at the same time, he instead gains only 1 level. The character retains the excess XP and gains another level after the next mission. This process continues so long as the character’s total XP is high enough for him to continue leveling between missions.

Descriptions of each level-dependent benefit follow.

Action Dice: You may spend action dice during play to benefit your character. He can improve his chance of success at any task (or achieve spectacular outcomes with the proper rolls), escape harm, heal, and more. Table: Level-Dependent Benefits lists the number of action dice your character possesses at the start of each play session. The die type your character rolls when he is asked to generate a result follows in parentheses.
Action dice not spent by the end of a play session are lost. Each character begins with a fresh pool of action dice at the start of every play session.
Maximum Skill Rank: This is the maximum number of ranks your character may possess in any skill.
Bonus Feat: Each time your character gains a level that has a “Y” in this column, he gains 1 additional feat. This feat may be chosen from any feat tree.
Attribute Score Increase: Each time your character gains a level that has a “Y” in this column, he gains 1 additional attribute point. This point may be applied to any attribute.
Bonus Proficiency: Each time your character gains a level that has a “Y” in this column, he becomes proficient with 1 additional weapon category (see pages 28 and 298, respectively).
Bonus Interest: Each time your character gains a level that has a “Y” in this column, he gains 1 additional Interest.
Subplots: The number to the left of the slash in this column is the maximum number of Subplots your character may simultaneously possess, and the titles to the right of the slash indicate the first level at which each Crossroads Subplot may be attempted (see page 53).

Table: Level-Dependent Benefits
Skill Rank
Score Increase
0* 0 2(d4) *
1† 1,000 3(d4) 4 Y* Special** 1/—
2 3,000 3(d4) 5 Y 1/Seasoned
3 6,000 3(d4) 6 Y Y 1/—
4 12,000 3(d4) 7 Y 1/—
5†† 20,000 3(d4) 8 Y 1/—
6 35,000 4(d6) 9 Y Y 1/—
7 55,000 4(d6) 10 Y 2/Weathered
8 80,000 4(d6) 11 Y 2/—
9 110,000 4(d6) 12 Y Y 2/—
10∆ 150,000 4(d6) 13 Y 2/—
11 195,000 5(d8) 14 Y 2/—
12 250,000 5(d8) 15 Y Y 2/—
13 310,000 5(d8) 16 Y 3/Hardened
14 380,000 5(d8) 17 Y 3/—
15 460,000 5(d8) 18 Y Y 3/—
16 550,000 6(d10) 19 Y 3/—
17 650,000 6(d10) 20 Y 3/—
18 760,000 6(d10) 21 Y Y 3/—
19 875,000 6(d10) 22 Y 4/Crafty
20 1,000,000 6(d10) 23 Y 4/—
* At Level 0, a character possesses 2d4 action dice, 2 Interests, and his Origin benefits (including his Specialty’s bonus feat). He does not gain
the benefits of a base class, skill points, weapon proficiencies, or Subplots. A Level 0 character possesses 6 vitality points.
** A character gains 2–6 proficiencies from his base class at Level 1 (see page 28).
† A character may apply his 1st or later class level to a base class (see page 26).
†† A character may apply his 5th or later class level to an expert class (see page 64).
∆ A character may apply his 10th or later class level to a master class (see page 85).