Weapon Name Damage E/T Ammo Rec Rng SZ/H Qualities Wgt Upg Comp Year SV
Calibers I-III
Caliber IV
Watervliet Arsenal M224 60mm 1–3/— 1S5** 550 ft. S/2h DEP, INA (–20) 44 lb. 2 12/+0 1980 R$11,000
Caliber V
Royal Ordnance L-16A2 81mm 1–3/— 1S3** 900 ft. S/2h DEP, INA (–20) 87.5 lb. 2 12/+0 1984 R$25,000
Soltam Commando 60mm 1–3/— 1S5** 150 ft. S/2h DEP, INA (–20) 15.4 lb. 2 15/+0 1990 R$18,000
* A mortar’s damage and threat range are determined by the ammunition used (see Table 4.62: Ammunition, page 274).
** When a character requests a mortar, it automatically comes with the character’s choice of any 1 ammunition type flagged with a “∆” on Table 4.62: Ammunition (see page 274). The character may gain additional ammunition stockpiles by paying the listed upgrade cost for each stockpile desired. Further, a character may convert the ammunition stockpile that comes with the mortar into any other ammunition by paying the desired ammunition type’s upgrade cost minus 1.